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discrete mathematics

Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics that studies discrete objects.

According to Wikipedia, ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) defines discrete mathematics as follows:

Discrete Mathematics, Sometimes Called finite mathematics, is the study of mathematical structures are fundamentally discrete That, in the sense of not supporting or requiring the notion of continuity. Most, if not all, of the objects studied in finite mathematics are Countable sets, Such as integers.

Discrete structures: a branch of mathematics that studies discrete objects.

What is meant by the word discrete (discrete)?

The thing is called discrete if:

- consists of a number of finite elements

different, or

- the elements are not continuous (unconnected).

Example: set of integers (integer)

Opponents said discrete: continuous or continuous (continuous). Example: the set of real numbers (real)

Work in discrete digital computer. The information is stored and manipulated by computers is in the form of discrete.

Discrete mathematics is a basic science education in informatics or computer science.

Discrete mathematical structures provide the foundation for other lectures in informatics. algorithms, data structures, database, automata and formal language theory, computer networks, computer security, operating systems, compilation techniques, etc.. Discrete mathematical structure is typical of his people informatics Math Informatics.

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