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Most people often say that mathematics is an exact science that truth is absolute. Was that true? To answer this question needs to see that mathematics is actually talked about symbols. Example number one is denoted 1, the number two is represented 2, less represented - or the sum denoted +.
All operations and mathematical phenomena that exist in the mathematical sciences was built with symbols, axioms, definitions and assumptions. From the axioms, definitions and assumptions that symbolized built arguments and theorems that underlie all operations and mathematical phenomena. If likened to something, mathematics is like an iceberg seas, which all basically uncertain.
From the basic building is uncertain, it appeared certainties based on the uncertainty at the beginning. Where uncertainty is built with a certain symbolism in accordance with the agreement. So if anyone says mathematics is an exact science, there are things that must dipertanyaan location of certainty.
Petanyaan continued again is that mathematics is not an exact science to what is learned at each level of education? Mathematics is essentially a science that train and hone logical way of thinking. There is no absolute certainty in mathematics, that assurance is limited to the assumptions and axioms of mathematics escort symptoms.
It is often said that mathematics bhwa is king and the servant as well, because in fact the mathematical symbols and symptoms to help other disciplines to understand. But besides serving other sciences, mathematical sciences also dominate the other because of the development and symptoms of other sciences can only be explained by mathematical approaches.
Besides being used as the king and the servant of other sciences, mathematics is used well to develop the mathematics itself. Because mathematics is actually serving the needs of the human brain in pengobtimalisasi function. So mathematics is not an exact science that is absolutely indisputable truth, but mathematics is the human need for development to train people to think logically in solving problems in real life.
Source: http://edukasi.kompasiana.com/2010/10/08/matematika-bukan-ilmu-pasti/

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