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1. Numero uno is the intention!

Prayers that have the shortest span of time than the other obligatory prayers that this is God's command. And of course, our intention to do it is because of God. Not because human command. Therein challenge as well as advantages. God never sleeps, and remained there despite the school holidays arrive. So if the intention for God, what else could have prevented? This is baseball we can consider trivial, bro-sis. Because the difference between sincere and hypocritical people can be seen from here you know! And of course the lucky people who are sincere ..

"He said, by Thy power, I will mislead them all together, except Thy servants who Mukhlis among them." (Shad :82-83)

2. Azam strong!

When there's a will, there's a way! Selalunya so. When we tekadkan to wake up at dawn. We will do anything to get up at dawn (Please see next tips!) Well, to be able to create that determination, we need his knowledge. Continue to remind you about the virtues of the morning prayer. If I need to assign to find your own. To keep the implementation, make a daily column that can memutaba'ah implementation prayers every day. Do not forget to be evaluated!

3. STOP immoral!

Morning prayer was a gift from God for a righteous person. If you missed it the disaster that occurred because of negligence itself. Try to remember the sins that may be dragging us away from dawn. Taubati. And do not ever do again. Sin-no matter how small, could be the cause. "Do not underestimate your sins, because of the sins that when assembled on a person, would destroy it." (Narrated by Ahmad)

4. Heightened prayers!

Surely Allah is the owner of these souls are taken when we're going to sleep to the accompaniment of prayers, and returned when you wake up too with prayer. We can ask God to give us the morning prayer in congregation in the mosque for tomorrow. Insha Allah.
5. Dawn-mates

"Someone in religious friends, then let every one you see who should dipergaulinya." (Narrated by Ahmad) To encourage and advise each other should also be shared with other friends who want to be consistent with the morning prayer in congregation in the mosque, of course. When you need to involve all our mentoring group to both maintain the dawn.

6. Sleep also has rules!

Yep. Try to teach about how the Prophet, who never missed the pre-dawn, plus the QL-sleep. Do not forget ablution perfectly, facing to the right, and read a prayer before bed. Try your best to sleep telalu night baseball-especially cuman for watching * _ *- The cepet sleep, the more cepet wake.

7. Do glut ya ..

Tips are certainly appropriate Shari'a and also is good for health. One-third for food, one third for drink and one third for breathing. Suggest baseball also consume tea, coffee, soft drinks also at night.

8. Replay continued primacy of dawn!

Give the hadiths about Fadhilah dawn prayer. Leave him to creatively decorated and probably written in big size deh trus displayed in the rooms. Can work as a reminder, and may also be memorized last.

9. one alarm ga dong enough!

Buy an alarm clock that most noisy ring-ring song nice if it actually added deh-deep, put in place that baseball is too close to our hands but also baseball too much, if you want a more optimal use more than one alarm clock, and do not forget in stel-dawn call to prayer just before this for the adaptation, if you've used to try a new set of early'll have time for too-QL.

Well, 'the second alarm' is a hp or telponmu! Make a pact with your best friend to call when you wake up first. If I need to make a time to chat for a while let the baseball fall asleep again-of course if there is a lot of credit ^ _ ^ -

10. Invite others!

Yep. Belle is not. More and more younger people take, the more that reminded him, the greater the reward to be gained of course.

From Abu Hurairah ra, he said: "The Messenger of Allah said:" The best fasting after Ramadan is the fasting month of Muharram and the best prayer after the prayer is a prayer fardhu night "(HR.Muslim)

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