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Extremism condemned

(Extremism condemned)
We will now allow the Spirit of truth, to put the ghosts of Jewish and Christian extremists, and make explicit notes in connection with their differences about the Messiah. The Jews say that Jesus was the illegitimate son of Mary because she was unable to show a father. Christians with the same reasons make it into God and God's offspring. Only one paragraph alone enough to reject this lie:
"O Master book, do not transgress limits in your religion, nor say of Allah except the truth. Verily the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, is the messenger of Allah and (that was created with) his sentence conveyed unto Mary, and (denigan puffs) spirit from Him. So believe in Allah and His apostle apostles and do not say, '(God's) three; stop (of utterance). (It's) better for you. Allah Almighty God, Glory to God than to have children, everything in heaven and on earth belongs to Him. Allah is sufficient as a caretaker. " (Surah An-Nisaa: 171)
Note 657 / 6 for the paragraph above:
Like a dumb waiter who can do no wrong because the excessive spirit of his master, in religion, excessive nature of his people to bring them to blasphemy or a spirit that is contrary to religion.
Excessive nature of the Jewish people against formality, racialism, exclusiveness, and rejection of Jesus Christ has been denounced in many places in scripture the Qur'an.
Here the Christian attitude of blame, which raised Jesus to be equal with God; in some cases venerate Mary, even almost adore him; tie as the physical son of God, and make up the trinity doctrine, contrary to all reason, in accordance with the trust Athanasians, if a people do not believe, he will be condemned to hell forever. "
The attributes of Jesus will be called here:
1. That He is the son of a woman, Mary, and therefore a human being.
2. But he was a prophet, a man with a mission from God, and therefore given the designation to be respected.
3. There is a word handed out to Mary, because she was created with the Word of God "Kun (be)!" and be He. (Surah Ali Imran: 59).
4. A spirit derived from God, but not God: the life and mission is more limited than in the case of several other prophets, although we must give the same respect to him as a messenger of God.
"Trinity doctrines, the equation with God, and the relationship of children, all of that was denied as blasphemy. God free of all desires and do not require a child to arrange his affairs." (Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

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