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Learning math by using winplot

Learning math by using winplot

Winplot is a program that can be used to draw charts and graphs to explore the properties of functions (Functions Quadratic Functions Trigonometry, Circles equation, inverse function, Limit Function, Differential, Integral, Linear Program, Transformation, Function Exponent and Logarithm).

Learning objectives by using winplot namely:

To develop the concept through the students' understanding of the relation symbols, graphical and numerical.

To reinforce the concept

To repair errors that often occur.

To check the solution graphically and analytically

To solve equations graphically

To seek an answer to the allegations on a problem

Being metacognitive

To acquire information technology skills.

To increase learning motivation

advantages of learning mathematics with the help winplot

a. used in-kind bermcam mathematical functions like sin x, ex, and others.

b. can show some graphs in the same axis.

c. varying kinds of colors, styles and thicknesses, from graphs of functions.

d. label on the graph, axis, and dots.

e. insert text on the graph.

f. rearrange the coordinate axis scale with ease, including zoom in and out.

g. signal at certain points that need attention such as the maximum or cutoff point.

h. make a animation on the graph.

i. draw results of operations of the two functions

j. drawing transformation (rotation, reflection) of a graph

k. drawing area of ​​the rotation graph

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