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Learning Motivation

In learning of his students need motivation so that students have a passion to always learn to reach goals they desire. According Sardiman motivation itself (1987), motivation to learn there are 2, namely:
a. Intrinsic MotivationIntrinsic motivation is motivation to be active or functioning do not need any stimulus from outside, because in each and every individual had no urge to do something. Thus, the behavior of someone because of their own accord rather than encouragement from the outside.b. Extrinsic motivation.Extrinsic motivation is a motif that is active and functioning arena of encouragement or stimulation from the outside. The desired goals of behavior that is driven by extrinsic motivation lies beyond tersebut.Penguatan behavioral motivations to learn are in the hands of the teacher educators and other community members. Teachers as educators in charge of strengthening the motivation to study for a minimum of 9 years at the age of compulsory education. Parents are in charge of strengthening the motivation to lifelong learning. Ulama, as educators, also served to strengthen lifelong learning motivation.According Dimyati & Mudjiono (1994:89), the elements that influence the motivation to learn is:a. The ideals or aspirations of studentsMotivation to learn appears on the wishes of children from childhood. The success of achieving the desire to grow will look alive, even as future aspirations in life. Emancipation in terms of independence, insatiable desire to enlarge the willingness and enthusiasm for learning. In terms of learning, reinforcement with a reward or punishment also will be able to convert the desire into the will, and then will be the ideal.b. The ability of studentsThe desire of a child needs to be coupled with the ability or skill to achieve it. Capabilities will strengthen the child's motivation to perform the tasks of development.c. Condition studentsThe condition of students which includes physical and spiritual conditions greatly affect the motivation to learn.d. Student environmental conditionsStudents in the form of the natural state of the environment, living environment, peer relationships, social life. With these environmental conditions are safe, peaceful, orderly and beautiful, the spirit and motivation to learn easily strengthened.e. Dynamic elements in learning and learningStudents have the feelings, concerns, wishes, memories, thoughts that experienced a change thanks to life experience. Experiences with their peers influence on motivation and learning behavior.f. The efforts of teachers in student membelajarkanThe teacher is a professional educator. He hangs out every day with tens or hundreds of students. As educators, teachers can memilil and sort of good. Participation and role model to choose good behavior has been an effort membelajarkan and motivate students.

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