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                 In mathematics lesson actually has a lot of efforts made by classroom teachers to improve student achievement. But the effort has not showed optimal results. The range of students who are good with students who are less clever too obvious. For that we need also strived for a range of values ​​among students is not too far is to take advantage of students who are good for its ability to infect other students whose capacity is lower. Of course, teachers who become designers of learning models need to change other forms of learning.

               Learning is a peer tutor learning. Kuswaya Wihardit in Aria Djalil (1997:3.38) writes that "understanding peer tutor is a good student who helps another student in the same grade level" The other side of what makes mathematics lessons that students considered difficult is the language used by teachers. In certain cases students are more familiar with the language of their peers rather than language teachers. Peer tutoring learning Itulahsebabnya applied mathematics in the learning process.Zaini in Suyitno Hisham Amin (2004:24) states that "the best learning method is to teach it to others. Therefore, the selection of peer tutoring learning model as a learning strategy will greatly assist students in their teaching materials to his friends. "

                 According to Miller (1989) in Aria Djalil (1997:3.34) argues that "Every time the students need help from other students, and students can learn from other students." Jan Collingwood (1991:19) in Aria Djalil (1997:3.34) also believes that "Children acquire knowledge and keterampilankarena he hang out with other friends." In determining the Commission and teaching students in grade VI suppose gcd will be taken on teaching models peer tutors in study groups.

                According to Hisham Zaini (2001:1) (in Suyitno Amin, 2004:34), then the steps are as follows.1. Choose a material that allows the material to be studied independently student. Teaching materials are divided into sub-sub material (material segment). For example, students are given practice questions specify the Commission and the gcd of the pair of numbers 24 and 18, then the material segments are as follows. Multiples of 24 are: 24, 48, ..., ..., (filled out by students), multiples of 18 are: 18, 36, ..., ..., (filled out by students). Factor of 24 is: ..., ..., ..., (filled out by students). Factor of 18 is: ..., ..., ..., (completed by student)2. Divide students into small groups of heterogeneous, as many sub-sub materials to be delivered teacher. Distributed intelligent students in each group and act as peer tutors3. Each group was given the task of studying a sub material. Each group was assisted by students who are good as peer tutors.4. Give them enough time for preparation, both in the classroom and outside classroom5. Each sub-group through a representative to submit the material in accordance with the tasks that have been granted. Teacher acts as primary resource person.6. After all barurutan group presents their duties in accordance with the order of sub material, give a summary and clarification if there is an understanding of students needs to be clarified.
                  From the above description can be further developed in the form of another question to be used as learning material in small groups. Thus by this learning model will be embedded within students' habit of mutual help among peers.Learning model for peer tutors to reach the expected level of success, Miler (in Aria Djalil 1997:2.48) write down suggestions the use of peer tutors as follows.a. Start with clear objectives and easy access.b. Explain the purpose was to all students (class). For example: for math lessons can be easily understood.c. Prepare materials and adequate learning resources.d. Use a practical way.e. Avoid repetition of activities that have been conducted teacher.f. Focus of tutorial on the skills that will be tutors.g. Give a brief exercise that will be tutors.h. Do the monitoring of learning processes that occur through peer tutoring.i. Keep the students who become tutors are not arrogant.Known as peer tutors learning among peers or students, it can happen when students are better able to complete their own and then help other students who are less able.
                     Alternatively, a special time each day should be allocated for students to help each other learn math, languages ​​or other subjects, either individually or in small groups. Peer tutoring is one of learning strategies to help meet the needs of learners. This is a cooperative rather than competitive approach. Mutual respect and understanding fostered among students who work together.Peer tutors would be proud of his role and also learn from his experience. This helps to reinforce what they have learned and acquired over the responsibility imposed on him. When they learn to "peer tutors", learners also develop a better ability to listen, concentrate and understand what is learned in a meaningful way. Explanation of peer tutors to enable more successful than his teacher. Learners see the problem differently than adults and they use a more familiar language.Role of Peer Tutors in ReadingIn reading, teaching peer tutors are often used to help slow readers or to provide additional reading for all students younger.Benefits of the role of peer tutors:• Provide a positive influence, both in education and social development in the teacher, and peer tutors.• A practical way to assist an individual in reading• Achieving the ability to read with the help of peer tutors results can be unexpected (better).• The amount of time it takes learners to read will increase

               With this strategy. Weak readers benefit from the undivided attention. Teachers often do not have enough time to provide individual assistance to each of these learners. However, this must be explained carefully to the peer tutors what they should do. Tutors need to know the hope to them.Tutors should work with younger learners in a calm, friendly, honest, and avoid distractions. Here are examples of peer tutoring strategies techniques in reading, among others:Paired reading technique. This technique is based on reading that:a) take an alternative reading aloud together by peer tutors and learners, then students read on their own, andb) use positive comments to reinforce the correct reading and independent.
                Trained peer tutors, through:• introduce the book interesting reading;• delay the correction of errors by providing complete learners the opportunity to try to correct itself;• discuss the matter after a public reading; and• check their own performance as teachers, and peers with a complete progress report card through the checklist.Reading the material sought is known, simply by writing the type size large enough for easy reading.Source: www.idp-europe.org/toolkit/

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