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             Rasulullah SAW said that the "hand over hand is better than below." The scholars agreed to give the meaning that "giving is better than asking". Giving certainly has an idea that is so broad, giving the property, feeding, giving science, gives pleasure, and give other things that are not contrary to Islamic law. Giving in Islam is often synonymous with the word charity, though not entirely the same. Giving is not always a charity, but charity must give. The following will be the authors try to illustrate how the charity can be applied in reduction operations.
In mathematics, the sequence of basic arithmetic operations are (1) summation, (2) reduction, (3) multiplication, and (4) division. However, psychologically, that order is (1) summation, (2) multiplication, (3) reduction, and (4) division. Why? Because the sum is the easiest for students. Summation over the multiplication, so multiply the second rank. Reduction in the next sequence, although the actual mathematics, subtraction is the inverse operation (inverse) of the sum. Then the division, because division is a reduction in recurrent.

            The evidence suggests that the reduction surgery is really difficult for students. For example, to work on the following questions
a. 43-7 = ....
b. 102-89 = ....
c. 2000 - 789 = ....
In math classes, teachers usually teach the reduction of layers and use the term "borrow" or "debt". This unwittingly teach children to "owe" and "borrow". Teachers do not teach children to give or charity. Yet by giving or charity, workmanship reduction surgery will be easier. Consider the following examples.
a. 43-7 = (43 + 3) - (7 + 3) [Both numbers are equally given 3]
= 46-10
= 36
b. 102-89 = (102 + 1) - (89 + 1) [Both numbers are equally given 1]
               = 103-90
               = 13
102-89 = (102 + 11) - (89 + 11) [Both numbers were given 11]

= 113-100

= 13
c. 2000 - 789 = (2000 + 11) - (789 + 11)
= 2011 - 800

                    = 1211

How? Is not it easier by charity rather than borrowing or debt. Please try your class.

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