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Problem Based Instruction

             Broadly speaking Problem Based Instruction consists of presenting to students the situation of an authentic and meaningful problems that may make it easier for them to conduct investigation and inquiry. The role of teachers in Problem Based Instruction is to raise issues, to facilitate student inquiry and dialogue, and to support student learning. Problem Based Instruction organized around real-life situations that prevent a simple answer and invite a variety of competing solutions. The main features of the Prblem Based Instruction includes a submission of questions or problems, an interdisciplinary concentration, authentic inquiry, cooperation, and to produce work and demonstration. 

Basic theory

              This highly effective learning model to teach the processes of higher-order thinking, helping students memperoses information already possessed, and help students build their own knowledge about the social and physical world around him. Teaching based on the issues based on cognitive psychology and the constructivist view of learning. Teaching model is also in accordance with desired by the principles of CTL, namely inquiri, constructivism and emphasizes higher level thinking.

The purpose of learning outcomes

             Problem Based Instruction is not designed to help teachers provide lots of information to students. Problem Based Instruction was developed primarily to help students develop thinking skills, problem solving and intellectual skills, learning a variety of adult roles by involving them in real or simulated experiences and become an autonomous and independent learning.

1. Teacher explains the purpose of learning, explaining the necessary logistics, motivate students to engage in problem solving activities selected.

2. Teachers help students learn to define and organize tasks related to the problem.

3. Teachers encourage students to gather the appropriate information, conduct experiments, to obtain illustrate and troubleshooting.

4. Teachers assist students in planning and preparing the appropriate works such as reports, videos, and models and help them to share duties with his friend.

5. Teachers help students to do reflection or evaluation of their penyeledikan and the processes they use. 

           Unlike the structured learning environment that strictly required for direct instruction or the prudent use of small groups on cooperative learning, learning environment and management system at Problem Based Instruction is characterized by: an open, democratic process, and active student role. In fact, the whole process of helping students to become independent, autonomous students who believe in their own intellectual skills requires active involvement in inquiry-oriented environment that is safe in intellectual. Although teachers and students do the learning stages of  Problem Based Instruction in a structured and predictable, norm around the lessons is open inquiry and free expression. The learning environment emphasizes the central role of students rather than teachers.

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